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Senior Staff Positions that are available!

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Welcome to Federation Elite Force!

The Burn

The Federation Elite Force, is another form of the federation like section 31. However, over the years the Federation Elite Force started to expanded to other frontier and galaxies. Starbase 359, named after the Battle of Worf 359 is an immense class space station that was placed on the further outskirts of the milky way galaxy. The base itself serves as the fleets headquarters. The station remained uneffected when the burn happened. So the station and its crew continued on to traverse the universe to gather knowledge, technology, and expand in the way of culture, and encounter new civilizations. Unlike other role play email sites, we do not focus just in the what you know as cannon. We actually use cannon as a quide but we will be working on creating our own unique lore, and we hope to one day become a fictional fleet that is very creative in story role playing and story writing. However, we are only as good as our members are creative. So if this sounds like something you might be interested in we ask that you come and join our fleet. In fact we encourage you and welcome you!

Are you ready to become a member?

We welcome you if you are a newcomer or pro. It doesnt matter. If you like star trek and you like writing stories or being creative then this is for you. All you will have to do is click the application button below, register with an email address, then someone will get back to you based on your responses that you provide to our simple qustionair, and then your off to a good start all ready.

At the moment the site is down, and the button will return once the site is back up and running again.

Quick an easy to learn

It is simple, but if an individual ask we will provide a test run to see how they do. If they need help we will provide one on one practice, well at least until our academy is up and running.

Frequently asked questions

Does it matter if I have any role playing experience? The answer is no, we welcome everyone, and we will do our best to help each person out.

I am interested in commanding one of the sims, but will it be ok if I can use forums or do I need a website. We prefer our members to have a website to see how creative they can be. However you may also use forums to create your sim. The answer is yes. If you want we can even set up a website or forum section up for you. The application will be under the services tab in the main menu.

Does this fleet do any gaming besides, role playing? The answer is yes, we are working on putting up a guild in Star Trek Online!

As our fleet continues to grow we will be adding more games in the near future.

Interest in commanding your own Starbase or starship?

Click on the button below, to fill out an application, provide a sample post. Based on your post we will determine if you are ready to command. All new commanding officers start off as Lieutenant Commander.

Fleet Events

There are current no events due to the site is under construction

Sims that are recruiting

There are currently no sims at the moment due to the fact the site is under construction.